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Вот ОНА, актуальная ссылка. Без всяких ключей на VK Play. Качаем. Играем. Если понравилось, ждём релиз. А чтобы не проворонить, добавляем в список желаемого.

1) where to download
2) how to install correctly
3) how to get the key

To download, you need to open a folder on Google Drive.

Here is a link to this folder.

There is an archive of the latest build. Size 6 GB. Maybe already more. The game is constantly being improved.

The archive must be downloaded and unpacked to your hard drive. Important! The path to the game folder must contain only English letters! The EXE file to run the game is called di_level.exe

When you first start the game asks for an activation key. This key is free. Here is a video of the first run.

Just feed the key to the game.

There are only two ways to get the key

1) Write in free form to the developer via VK.

2) Automatically receive via VK application

The keys divide the access form into Player and Tester. All levels are available to testers. Not even debugged and empty. Thats why they are testers. The regular Player has access only to verified locations. Those wishing to obtain extended access rights should contact the developer.

VK game group: Developers diary

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